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Post surgery sagging

Dear FTm surgery guys! how are ya, hope your all well.

Well I had my surgery!! finally. I went with Dr Pichet. this is the story. I had consultation and the pictures looked amazing and he really knew what he was talking about. BUT the reason I won't be going topless soon was expected due to a mutual choice me and Dr pichet made.

We decided on the double incision. But he said coz my breast were not sagging and not very big that he wold not make the incision above the nipple (so removing the whole of the breast inc. nipple) he would instead make incision below, keep the nipple how it is. And later I could resize the nipple (if I want) when all the blood supply had grown back, so there would be no risk of loosing the nipple as you do with nipple graft. I agreed with this, as I did not really want grafted nipples and was happy to have this option. This meant I anticipated that there would be some sagging and that this would probably shrink back and if not he could do the other technique with not problem.

Ok, so now I have some sagging. , my nipple if sagging about 3 cm below desired place. Can anyone give any tips to help the skin contract?
 (without chest exercise as I can"t do that now).

Detox diets?
Health/body Treatments?

Thanks guys!

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