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My Recent Surgery

I am still figuring out how Live Journal works and where the various intersections are with the different FTM groups. I posted this earlier today to the FTM Forum group, but I am reposting it here at ftmsurgeryinfo since it seems like a more appropriate place for this subject matter. Your feedback and tips are appreciated. Thanks, Jasper

Hi Guys,
I am new to the FTM Forum and LJ, so I thought I would introduce myself. I recently moved to Manhattan from SF. Unfortunately I don't know many trans guys here yet, so I am glad this forum exists.

6 days ago I had my top surgery with Dr. Beverly Fischer in Baltimore, MD. I had a great experience, and recommend her very highly.
Dr. Brownstein in SF turned me down for peri/keyhole procedure because I had a full B cup.

I think Fischer is a great surgeon, and like I said I found her very professional and capable.

The in-person consult with her was $100 which was about a month before my surgery date.
I had to pay 10% to secure the surgery date, and at that point they send you a packet of info and prescriptions (antibiotics, anti-nausea med, and sleeping pills). The painkiller Rx you get the day of the surgery.
I had to pay the balance 3 weeks before my surgery date, the grand total was about $7500.

At this early point (I took a peek yesterday) I think it came out really well. Actually I am over the moon excited about my chest, but it's still early to know how my nipples will turn out, I haven't peeked behind the nipple bandages yet, but the rest of my chest looks good. Not too much swelling and no bruising at all. It feels a little bruised here and there but no visible signs of bruising (purple) at all.


Links to before and after photos....  (note: these are not suitable for work place viewing)



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